Hi there! This is a blog dedicated solely to the beloved animated series, Teen Titans. This blog is run by hereforpizza (kat), I also run the Avatar: The Last Airbender blog called thetalesofbasingse.
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On JUNE 14 2014 we made a huge impact! We made the cast talk #saveseasonsix ! Hydrn tweet us #saveseasonsix! You can see about what she told us! But NOW we needvto make Cartoon Network ,talk ! We CAN DO THIS we just need to work TOGETHER! Pls repost and share, tell everyone we have to do this again on JUNE 30 2014! Come on Teentitans we never give up on a fight!!!!

ur-okay-i-guess asked:
❝ Are there 2 shows about teen titans bc I see gifs with 2 different animation styles ❞

Yup! Teen Titans was (sort of) rebooted last year. The show is called Teen Titans Go! It’s more of a comedy than an action series like the first one was. It focuses more on what goes on with the Titans when they’re not saving the day.

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iwanttolive-notjustsurvive0 asked:
❝ Who is your favorite villain? ❞

I love Jinx, but in the end she became a good guy so…. I’ll go with Red X.

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Anonymous asked:
❝ I know this is a super hard question (at least for me it is) but who is your favorite teen Titan??? ❞

Mmmmmm. Yeah it’s really really REALLY hard, lol. But I’ve always really liked Raven a lot.

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emmas-neverland asked:


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Anonymous asked:
❝ what did you ship in Teen Titans? ❞

I was a really big BB/Raven shipper. I also really love Star and Raven’s friendship.

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