Hi there! This is a blog dedicated solely to the beloved animated series, Teen Titans. This blog is run by hereforpizza (kat), I also run the Avatar: The Last Airbender blog called thetalesofbasingse.
I hope you enjoy!


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Anonymous asked:
❝ what did you ship in Teen Titans? ❞

I was a really big BB/Raven shipper. I also really love Star and Raven’s friendship.

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Anonymous asked:
❝ Where would I be able to watch teen titans online? Like the old good teen titans. ❞




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Anonymous asked:
❝ Lovee this pg.. pls reply.. ❞

Lol, thank you!

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teentitanswithterra asked:
❝ Do U personally think that teen titans is better than avatar.. AANNDD IT SERIOUSLY IS BETTER THAN THE NEW VERSION OF DUMB TEEN TITANS!!! zzzz im sleeping while my BROTHERS r watching it!! Shvjbjggx Its so so Stupid!! SOLS ... SAVE OUR LIVES! ❞

Oh gosh, why do you make me choooooooose??? Umm… I would have to say that in my honest opinion, I like Avatar better. There’s just more story and setting there to me than in Teen Titans. BUT EVEN MAKING THIS CHOICE IS BREAKING MY HEART A LITTLE BECAUSE I LOVE BOTH SO MUCH!

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Anonymous asked:
❝ ily ❞

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Anonymous asked:
❝ Hey, I LOVE your blog and I'm CRAZY about the teen titans. I was wondering about what you think about the new version of the teen titans that they're showing now. I honestly think that it's stupid and there's no action. They're just standing in a room figuring out how to do the laundry, wtf! Cartoon Network is going wayyyy downhill. Don't you want the original back? ❞

I absolutely want the original back. The new one doesn’t really grab my attention.

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sprinkledoughnut asked:
❝ you are my favourite blog ever omg <3 ❞

Thank you so much! ^_^

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